Athena’s Story

Who is Athena…

Athena is a beautiful woman. She was 20 years old at the time of her disappearance. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where the majority of her family and friends remain. She was raised by her parents Cicero and Rosalind Curry. She is the youngest of five children. She enjoyed playing softball and running track. She loves scary movies and listening to music.

She attended Grant High School until she moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her older sister Aisha. In 2008, she moved to Atlanta to finish her senior year so that she would be eligible for in state tuition when she continued her education to become a Pediatrician. In 2009, Athena became involved with Yusef and became pregnant with a baby boy. She gave birth to her son in January of 2010, she named him King Kare. She lived with her sister Aisha even though frequently spent nights with Yusef at his home in SW Atlanta. At the time of her disappearance she was enrolled in classes at University of Phoenix.

What happened to Athena…

On Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Aisha received a strange call from Yusef (Athenas Boyfriend/Sons Father): He wanted to know when Athena was coming to pick up the baby. He claims he and Athena got in to a fight over text messages that Athena found on his phone from another woman. After the fight, Yusef says Athena “stormed out” at approximately 3am (the prior Friday night 5/27/11). According to Yusef she left wearing only a tank top and shorts, he also said she left behind 1 year old King and her personal belongings. Neither Yusef nor Athena had a car, so this would mean she left walking.

In case you are wondering YES, Athena and Yusef had a past filled with domestic violence. He threatened her with a taser after she had King and in 2010 He was arrested in Gwinnett County, GA for hitting her. With that in mind and the fact that he didn’t call Aisha for 4 days- we believe that there is a lot more to his story than what he provided. We know Athena, and we know she would never leave her son behind no matter the circumstance. We also know that she would call someone to assist her once she was able to leave. His story doesn’t make any logical sense.

Why we need your help…

We can’t find her without your help!! She has been missing for too long! We didn’t know it would be so difficult to obtain media coverage about her disappearance. It took many emails and US mail packets to different organizations and media outlets to find some success. Outside of the local news- her story was aired on America’s Most Wanted and the Jane Valez-Mitchell Show in September 2012. We are so grateful for this coverage! In addition in 2013, TVOne’s Find Our Missing ran a show about Athena’s disappearance! We are very appreciative of the coverage!! Yet we still we have no answers to bring us any closer to finding her or finding out what happened to her.

Please remember… Yusef and Athena didn’t have a car. That means if he is responsible someone had to help him… and that would mean someone else would know what happened that night. We can’t find her without your help!!

We need your courage, prayers and help to help give our family closure.

We need your support and help to help bring Athena Home or give our family closure.

The “Not Knowing” has been the most difficult part. Our hearts need answers so that our minds can rest.