Athena's Story

Athena is a beautiful young woman. She was 20 at the time of her disappearance. She is from Portland, Oregon where the majority of her family and friends remain. She is the youngest of five children. She is very athletic, she enjoyed playing softball ....  Read More

Ways To Help

Lending a hand in our efforts isn’t going to be complicated or take too much of your time. All we can ask is for a little sympathy and if you are able to do some of the following:
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Media Coverage

Athena's case hasn't received as much attention as many other cases and our goal is to change that! Understanding why some cases get more media attention than others is a mystery. What isn't a mystery is  Read More

Contact Us

We are continually looking for information that may help us find Athena. We strongly feel that someone somewhere has information that will help us. If you know anything at all please reach out to us.
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